Helping you achieve the Milestones of Life.

Accumulating wealth throughout your life takes persistence and focus.

It's a journey, and reaching your destination can mean a better life and security for you and your loved ones. To set and steer a course, you may need help from a guide you can trust.

Milestone Advisory Group assists clients in navigating their financial journey by being a guide you can trust to help you reach your personal and financial destination.

What are you most concerned about:

Late Stage College Planning

Your student is now in High School and they are wanting to go onto college.  You probably have a lot of questions.  Late Stage College Planning helps answer those questions.  It also helps you identify the affordability of schools.  The sticker price of a school may not be the price you pay.  Schools will look at your family's situation differently.  I am here to help you navigate this.


For many people their 401(k) is their largest investment.  But it is also the one they often get the least help with.  If your company offers a Self-directed brokerage account we may be able to help you manage this valuable asset.


 Do you know your Retirement Income goals?  Most people spend more time each year planning their upcoming vacation than they do for retirement.  If this is you, don't feel alone.  We want to be your trusted guide.  We will help you understand your goals and build a plan to reach them.


We look at investing differently.  Our goal with your investments is to help you reach your "milestones" not compare to some benchmark.  After, you learn more about our process, we hope you will agree this is a better way.


A lot of people overlook the importance of protection inside of their financial plan.  

Insurance is not the exciting part, but it is critical.  Without the proper planning unforeseen events could impact you or your families goals.


Taxes affect us in many ways.  They impact how much you can save today, how much your investments can grow, and what they will buy in the future.  Because of this it is our goal to help understand how taxes are impacting you and to help you be more tax efficient.

My clients are my first priority, because they have entrusted me to help them understand their situation and make decisions.  This is why I have chosen to be an independent advisor, as opposed to working for a large name brand firm.  Since I am not an employee of a larger firm, I do not have a manager setting sales goals.  This means that you are my boss and you help me to establish your priorities.

One of my goals in working with you is to help you understand what your "milestones" are and to help establish a plan for you to reach them.  Guidance is at the core of what I do for my clients much like a GPS system.  Service to my clients is hands-on, personalized and proactive. A compass only shows you the direction you heading, a map shows you where to go, but a GPS Navigation system actually guides you directly to your destination each step of the way. A Financial GPS can allow you to stop along your route and enjoy "milestones" or help you get back on track should you encounter a detour.

John Antrobus

Let's build a plan together

If you are ready to get started, I am.  Click the button below, and I will contact to schedule a call.

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