Retirement Planning

"Everybody's got a plan until they get punched in the mouth?" - Mike Tyson

10 Things to Consider in Retirement Planning

  • What is important about retirement to you? Do you want to travel?  Volunteer?  Start your own business?
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    Are there any strategies to help me maximize my pension for my spouse and I?
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     Should I pay off my mortgage before I retire?
  • How will my RMD's affect my Medicare Premium?
  • If I were to become widowed, would my taxes go up?
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    Should I convert any of my 401(k) or IRA's to a Roth IRA?
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    How would a nursing home stay affect my spouse financially?
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    What if I live longer than I planned, will my income last?
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    How would a stock market correction affect my income plan?
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    Will I have a need for life insurance during retirement?
Income Planning

Today fewer Americans have a pension plan, and those that do are often concerned if they can count on it to be there for them.  You have seen the commercials on TV that talk about having your "Number" or maybe you are trying to figure out your safe distribution rate.  With the different considerations are you looking for a trusted guide that can help you navigate your way so you can have the retirement you want.  Someone that will be there for you both in good times and bad that can help you get back on track if you get knocked off.

Social Security and Medicare**

If you are approaching retirement you probably have a lot of questions about these programs.  When should I start Social Security?  If I wait how does it affect mine or my spouses benefits?  What if I decide to work while on Social Security?  What if I am divorced or widowed, how does that affect my social security?  

What does Medicare cover?  Will Medicare cover me if I am a nursing home?  How does supplemental insurance work with Medicare?

Let's Build Your Retirement Plan Together

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