Insurance is the foundation of any financial plan.  Without it everything you have worked so hard to build can be wiped out.  Worse yet the ones you love can have their financial stability destroyed.  Insurance is to protect you from the unexpected.  The only people who need insurance are those that have someone they love and they want to be responsible for their well being or they want to make sure they are taken care of should something happen to them.

Life Insurance

When talking about life insurance, I find that many people are confused about the different types that are available, what kind might be best for them, and how much they need?  They do not understand the different uses for life insurance, why convertibility may be important, the cheapest plan may not be the best, and why they may still want insurance when they are retired.  Let me help you understand your options, and let's build a plan for you.

Things you may not know about life insurance 

  • Term Insurance may be useful for temporary needs
  • Cash Value in Life Insurance grows tax deferred
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    Cash Value can be distributed tax free. 
  • Cash accumulation in life insurance is usually creditor protected vs non-qualified investments
  • Some polices have Chronic Illness Benefits, which allow owner to receive a portion of death benefit if insured meets 2 activities of daily living, before they have passed away.
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    Some policies allow for payout of a portion of death benefit if insured is deemed terminally ill

Are your Beneficiaries up to date?

Disability Insurance

During your working years, your ability to earn an income is one of your most valuable assets.  Just figure out how much you make and multiply it by the number of years you plan to work until retirement.  See that's a pretty big number.  People protect their homes and cars because they value these assets, but most people do not think to protect their income stream.  What if you became sick or hurt?  How would it impact your future plans.  I know we all think it won't happen to me....

Long Term Care

Did you know a person age 65 has a 70% chance of needing some form of long-term care during retirement.*  How would this impact your spouse?  Do you know how you would pay for your care?  If you have LTC Insurance, do you understand the waiting period, how long would it will last, and what is the benefit.

*Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, "Medicare and You2016"

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