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Is it Time for an Investment Risk Check-up?

     Do you understand how risk is being managed in your investment portfolio? It has been my experience that most people do not understand the risk they are taking in their investment portfolio. They turn over the management responsibilities to an “advisor” that they assume is doing the right thing for them. This was […]

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The Tale of Two Investors

     Right now, we are coming off one of the longest periods of stock market growth. The past couple of weeks we have seen increased pressure on the stock market.  If you are like many investors, I am sure you are wondering what you should be doing now.  Because I have been receiving this […]

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If you are like many individuals, you are probably saving for your retirement through one type of retirement plan or another. If you are saving in your employer’s retirement plan, do you know all of your options? There is one new option that has been added to many 401(k) and 403(b) plans that you may […]

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